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H.A.B.I.T. offers a range of services in its three core areas.
Anti-Sexual Harassment Training
H.A.B.I.T. has developed a unique and interactive training program to comply with new state-required laws and elevate anti-sexual harassment training. Our program recognizes and trains on the existing legal requirements, but also focuses on promoting respect and fairness in the workplace, creating space for open and honest dialogue and building a company culture that has a zero-tolerance policy on sexual harassment. We have created a dynamic and engaging curriculum that uses real-world examples from each client’s industry and helps everyone understand that there is a long way ahead beyond just awareness and education. We empower your employees with practical strategies and instill a sense of responsibility to do more.
Diversity and Inclusion Training
Awareness is a crucial first step towards combating bias in the workplace. We must have an understanding that this issue exists in the first place and that given our different backgrounds, upbringings and experiences, no one is without bias. Opening the door to these difficult discussions through training can alleviate some of the stigma and allow companies to begin to eliminate certain harmful behaviors and policies. H.A.B.I.T. is partnering with leading professionals in this space to offer customized training that will help companies move towards a more respectful, fair and equal workplace for everyone.
Bystander Intervention Training
Research shows that training employees to become proactive bystanders will help reduce incidents of sexual harassment within an organization. Employees will be empowered in a culture in which everyone has a stake in, and the ability to effect, compliance with the law and the client’s workplace expectations. Employees who are trained to identify problematic situations are more likely to intervene and help prevent, diffuse and resolve an incident. H.A.B.I.T. is partnering with the leading Bystander Intervention training programs to offer customized solutions that will help companies develop safe and effective bystander behaviors within their working environments.
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