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How to Join Blooket: A Simple and Comprehensive Guide

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Blooket is an online learning platform that helps teachers and students through a combination of quiz-style digital games and character-based games.

It has many pre-populated questions and answers and also allows teachers to create their own. You can use these quizzes in class or during online learning on the student’s device.

The booklet is different from other quiz-style learning platforms, as it gives points in the questions-and-answers phase in a traditional way. It all makes learning fun.

Although Blooket offers a very user-friendly interface, it is important to understand the steps to join Blooket and all other necessary details about this learning platform. So, let’s get started to get an insight into this wonderful platform.

What is Blooket?


Blooket is a web-based learning platform built in a gamified version, so it can be accessed from nearly any device, making it ideal for students in class as well as at home. Teachers can complete the quiz, or it can be left for students to access as needed. A variety of game options are provided, with different-looking games to play in between the quiz sections of the lesson after you join Blooket.

Everything is point-based, with prizes and character growth, making it very similar to high-end polished games that students may already be playing on their smartphones. These games can be played alone or in groups, allowing the teacher to select a group and have them compete against others in the class.

Features of Blooket

Upgrade Classroom Learning

Teachers can use Blooket quizzes to engage students in reviewing classroom content and this is very effective in preparing students for tests.

Distance Learning Aid

Blooket can help teachers keep students engaged in remote or hybrid learning contexts. It offers a fun and competitive approach to learning and engaging in class, even while you are at home.


Blooket allows students to study independently or refresh concepts that they are struggling with. They can play games produced by others or make their own.

Quiz as Homework Assignments

Teachers can give Blooket quizzes as homework. In contrast to traditional homework assignments, this can be a more participatory way to reinforce concepts outside of class.

Team-building Mode

Blooket’s multiplayer mode can help kids develop a sense of community and pleasant rivalry. Teachers can utilize this to encourage teamwork and cooperation.

Assessing Understanding of a Topic

Blooket can be used by teachers to measure their pupils’ grasp of a topic. By evaluating quiz scores, they can identify areas where students may require further assistance.

Learning in Libraries or After-School Activities

Blooket can be used in libraries schools or for after-school programs and educational activities. It can be used to promote learning in a fun environment.

Easy Steps to Join Booklet

  1. Launch a browser: for instance Google or Safari and type blooket.com.
  2. Create an Account: If you do not have an account, create an account first. To create an account, go to Blooket.com and fill out the required fields.
  3. Log into your Blooket account. You can log in using your email or Google account, depending on how you signed up.
  4. Go to your dashboard Your dashboard features your stats, blooks, news, schoolwork, and game sets.
  • The “News” button allows you to view the most recent Blooket updates and news.
  • The “My Sets” button displays a list of all the sets you have made.
  • The “Favorites” button allows you to view all of your favorite sets.
  • The “Homework” button displays all of the required homework on Blooket.
  • The “History” button displays your history (for example, prior game sets played).

Locate the Purple Toolbar to Join Blooket

It will appear at the top of the website’s screen. This gives you rapid access to Blooket’s tools.

  • The first button is the triangle “Play button”. It allows you to play Blooket games.
  • The second button is the “Discover button”. It allows you to search for Blooket games.
  • The third button is the “Dashboard”. It includes your statistics, game sets, news, and homework. (Explained above).
  • The “build button” lets you build sets.
  • The “Stats button” displays all of your prior Blooket game scores.
  • The “Market button” allows you to purchase Blooks with tokens earned while playing a Blooket game.
  • The “Blooks button” lists all of your blooks.
  • The ”Settings option” allows you to alter and manage your Blooket account settings.
  • Use the “Logout button” to log out from your account.

Playing and Making Booklet Game

Play the Blooket game after you join Blooket. You can Join the Blooket game with the 6-digit code/password and your name.

Discover more Blooket Games

  • Use the “Discover button” to find games that are relevant to your search term.
  • When you click on a game, you can save it as a favorite, report it (if it is unsuitable or spam), or replicate it.

Create a Blooket Game Set

  • After you join the booklet, you can create a question set by setting a little title. Give it a descriptive title, such as “First Grade General Knowledge Facts,” “Science Trivia,” or “American Politics Facts.”
  • Add and type in a description, that is a summary of what your game is about.
  • Upload a cover image. The cover image which is analogous to the thumbnail, is an image people will see when they look for the game. It must be related to the game. You can upload an image by using a computer or URL or by using the Blooket gallery.
  • You can “select privacy setting”, which allows you to choose if everyone is allowed to play play it (by joining with the number code), or only you can access and play it.
  • The ways to create a set include starting from scratch, importing games from Quizlet, or importing a game from a spreadsheet. After you have chosen a technique, click “Create Your Set” on the right.

Create a Blooket Game from Scratch

  • Select the creation method to start from scratch. After that, you will have an option to add questions.
  • Once you have added a question, type in another one.
  • Create a question picture. You can upload it via PC or URL, or use the Blooket picture gallery.
  • Make at least two answer selections. The final two are optional.
  • Choose a time limit. The timer is set at 20 seconds by default, but you can adjust it if necessary.
  • Check the “Random Question Order” box if you want the question order to change each time a player plays the game.
  • When you have finished typing a question, click “Save.” Make care to save each time you complete composing a question.

Finding Which Blooks You Have

  1. Check out the blooks you have. When you have successfully joined the booklet by following the steps above you can access blocks there. A blook is a character you can select when playing a Blooket game. When you join a game, you get to choose a look. Click the “Blooks” button. You will be able to view all of your blooks.
  • When you click on a blook, it displays its name, if it is for sale, and its rarity.
  • Each book has a particular rarity; common (free, unsellable copies), uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, chroma, and mystic.
  • Each themed package contains blooks with rarities ranging from rare to epic, legendary, and chroma.
  1. Determine what common blooks you have: Everyone has standard blooks by default, and they do not have to be purchased from a themed box.
  • Common blooks include dogs, sparrows, sheep, owls, cat, parrots, snakes, monkeys, gorillas, penguins, horses, sea otters, and walruses.
  • Blocks offer common blooks free of charge, so you don’t have to buy them.
  1. Find out what rare blooks you have: Blooket sells uncommon blooks for $5. You can use this if you need more tokens or want to discard blooks.
  • When you click on an uncommon blook, you will see the green term “uncommon” below the name.
  • Find out what unique blooks you have. Blooket allows you to sell unusual blooks for $20. You can use this if you need more tokens or want to discard blooks.
  • When you click on a rare blook, you will see the blue term “Rare” below its name.
  • Find out what spectacular looks you have. Epic blooks are available for $75 in Blooket. You can use this if you need more tokens or want to discard blooks.
  • When you click on an epic blook, you will see the scarlet word “Epic” below its name.
  1. Discover which legendary blooks you have: Blooket sells legendary blooks for $75. You can use this if you do not have enough tokens or want to discard blooks. These blooks can be difficult to obtain, so be prepared to work hard to earn tokens and purchase boxes.
  • When you click on an epic blook, you will see the orange term “Legendary” below its name.
  1. Find out what chroma look you have: These blooks are incredibly difficult to obtain, so you will need a lot of perseverance to continue earning tokens and purchasing books. Chroma blooks sell for $300 in Blooket.
  • When you click on a chroma blook, you will see the light blue word “Chroma” below its name.

Buying and Selling Blooks

Buy a Blook from the Market

  • If you have enough tokens to buy a themed box (worth approximately 15-25 tokens), you can purchase a blook.
  • Click the box to purchase one of the blooks. It will show a prompt, for confirmation of your decision. Click “Yes” if you are certain you want to purchase it. It will then select a blook at random from among the 11 in the box.

Check your Stats

You can know about the number of Blooket games you’ve played, in your stats section when you join blooket. It will also show you the tokens you won, the total number of players defeated, and more!

  • “Class Pass” is a feature that appears at the top of the page. It lets you build your blooks! There are a total of 100 levels with custom hair, eye, nose, mouth, skin tone, and clothing options!
  • The bottom of the page displays a bar graph of your most often used blooks.


In summary, Blooket provides a fun and interactive learning platform for both teachers and students. It offers various features for classroom learning, distance learning, self-study, homework assignments, team-building, and assessing understanding. By following the outlined steps, users can easily join Blooket, create game sets, and customize their experience. Overall, Blooket enhances learning engagingly and effectively.

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