a r a s s m e n t
c c e p t a n c e
i a s
n c l u s i o n
r a i n i n g
Aggressive or unwelcome conduct
Based on a variety of factors, including race, religion, or sex. Harassment is never okay in the workplace.
Behavior that fosters a cohesive work environment
Done through encouraging employees to respect one another despite their diverse beliefs, cultures, and other differences.
Favor shown to one individual or group over others
Conscious or unconscious, it’s unfair to exclude potential hires and employees from experiences for which they would otherwise be qualified.
Respect for and appreciation of our differences
Welcoming and celebrating every employee regardless of background fosters a rewarding and productive workplace.
Why we’re here
Our goal is to foster acceptance and inclusion by eliminating harassment and bias from the workplace. Let’s get started.

A new approach to workplace training, founded by leaders in the #MeToo movement and the Time's Up Legal Defense Fund