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Little Smiles, Big Impact: Why Children’s Dental Health Matters

by Zain Ali
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Children’s dental health matters are a priority for parents in Maroubra who wish their children the best tooth development possible. Teeth growth is an essential subject for every parent and comes with a range of worries and excitation from the first teeth growth to their adult smile. Like every parent, you wish for healthy and aesthetic teeth for your kids, so you must follow the advice from a dental professional. Maroubra dentist will support you at every stage and give you the best advice to help you grow beautiful smiles. This post is a comprehensive guide for a journey through children’s dental development. 

Preparing for Incoming Teeth 

A lot is happening in the baby gums before you can see the white pointing through it, telling you the first teeth are ready to go out. Indeed, the first teeth will come out around six months for most babies, but it can take less or more time! It is not because the teeth are not visible that nothing is happening; that is why it is good to start at four months old to establish good oral hygiene habits. You can gently wipe your baby’s gum using a damp cloth or a soft rubber finger toothbrush. Get teether toys to help your little one’s teething pain and soothe its relationship with dental pain. 

The First Visit to a Dental in Maroubra 

The younger you familiarise your little one with oral care, the better. It is advised to bring it before its second birthday and schedule an appointment to introduce the place and professional to your kid. Normalise regular check-ups at the dental clinics so they won’t become anxiety-inducing. 

Introduce Brushing 

As soon as the first teeth arrive, you can introduce gentle brushing. It matters to provide the right toothbrush with a small head, very soft bristles and adequate fluoride-free toothpaste. Make your kid participate as much as possible regarding their age and ability. Around the age of 4-6, brushing can be independent but under adult supervision. Make the brushing fun by singing, dancing, or brushing your teeth simultaneously so you can control the brushing time by at least 2 minutes. Also, remind your children to clean each tooth’s outer and inner sides by following the gum line. The more attractive brushing is, the easier you will get your kids into it. 

The Tooth Fairy Visits 

Between 6 and 12, baby teeth fall to let the adult teeth grow. Usually, it starts with the front teeth, canines, and molars. You must accompany your child through those steps. The tooth fairy visits help every child enjoy toothfalls. 

Adult Teeth Growth 

To supervise the orthodontic evolution of your kids, you should make an appointment at your dental clinic when the first adult teeth start growing. An expert dentist will proceed to an exam, letting you know the situation about your child’s teeth alignment and could detect any issues. It will be your chance to intervene before problems become severe. 

The Final Set of Molars 

The wisdom teeth appear around 17 to 22 years old for most individuals. The growth of the third molars can be painful and cause misalignment because they do not have enough space to grow. When your teenager starts to feel pain, swollen tissue and discomfort, you must send it to a dentist in Maroubra to check the situation. The dentist will proceed to x-ray and observe the teeth’ position and can prepare an extraction plan if he thinks the tooth can cause future issues. They will also provide your child medication to help them go through the growth of the teeth. 



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