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Seth Rollins and Becky Lench’s Daughter, Roux Lopez: Everything About Her

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Roux Lopez is not your typical child; she was born into a world of high-flying maneuvers and thrilling ring bouts. Roux, the daughter of WWE superstars Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins, carries on her parents’ athletic and entertaining legacy. 

Becky, also known as Rebecca Quin, has built a tough route in professional wrestling, ranking sixth among female athletes globally in 2019. 

Seth, her equally recognized sidekick, continues to captivate viewers on WWE’s Raw.

Lynch and Rollins not only dominate the wrestling business, but they also have a remarkable personal tale characterized by collaboration both in and out of the ring. 

This article digs into Roux’s life and explores the odd world she is growing up in.

Roux Lopez’s Parents

Becky Lynch, A Brilliant Grappler

Becky Lynch

Photo Credit: WWE

Rebecca Quin Lopez, better known by her ring name Becky Lynch, is an Irish professional wrestler and maybe one of WWE’s most prominent superstars. Becky, who was born on January 30, has gone from being a minor wrestling enthusiast to a wrestling sensation.

With awards approaching the WWE Ladies’ Imprint Social event Title in 2023 and being designated the sixth Best Female Competitor Overall by Twitter in 2019, she exemplifies the essence of success in wrestling across the world.

Who is Set Rollins?

seth rollins

Photo Credit: WWE

Roux Lopez’s father, Colby Daniel Lopez, is well-known for his WWE ring name, Seth Rollins, and made his debut in 2005.

Born on May 28, 1986, Seth, a Triple Crown Champion, is two or three months ahead of his perfect match, Becky. His exceptional in-ring abilities have earned him the distinction of being one of the world’s five-star, energetic professional grapplers.

Seth Rollins made his main roster debut in 2012. Since then, he has not looked back. Instead, other fans think that the wrestler has made remarkable progress in his career. Rollins’ most recent achievement was becoming WWE’s World Heavyweight Champion. Despite how impressive this success appears to be, Rollins explained that it pales in comparison to his ‘real’ significant achievement.

Roux Lopez: Everything from Birth to Unique Life

Her arrival was announced in the Raw Women’s Championship.

Seven months before Roux Lopez entered the world, her mother, Becky Lynch, joyfully announced her impending arrival during an episode of WWE’s RAW. 

This was a watershed event for Lynch, who had frequently expressed her strong wish to have children.

Becky Lynch Announces The Birth Of Little Roux From The Hospital Bed

Three days after her arrival, Becky shared a poignant photo of her and Seth holding Roux’s tiny hand. She accompanied the image with great excitement, saying, “Welcome to the world, Roux. You are the love of our lives.” Seth Rollins mirrored this feeling with a simple caption: “And New.”

Roux is now four years old and is surrounded by the adoration of her renowned parents and her uncle, Gonzo De Mondo, a professional wrestler as well.

Birth Details

Roux Lopez was born on December 4, 2020. Her entrance into the United States was warmly received since she celebrates her birthday every year under the sign of Sagittarius. Her birth was a momentous and wonderful occasion for her parents, who took to Instagram to share their excitement with the world.

The Meaning Behind The Name Roux Lopez

The name “Roux” has an intriguing combination of meanings and cultural connections. “Roux” is a phrase that originated in Latin and was adopted into French. It means “russet,” which is a type of potato. Furthermore, in French, the phrase refers to a color that is dark brown and tinged with reddish-orange, as well as a thickening agent produced from fat and flour that is used in sauces and soups.

While it is unclear why Roux’s parents chose this name, it looks great with her auburn hair and echoes the reddish tones connected with the word. The pronunciation of her name, “Roo” or “Rue,” adds to its distinct appeal, making it not only a reflection of her origin but also a distinctive moniker in a crowd.

Roux with her Parents

Roux Lopez parents

In an exclusive interview with People magazine, Lynch discussed how she balances her job goals with her desire to become a mother. She said, “I have always desired kids.

“I am just so career-focused that it became one of those things where, after following a dream for so long, you think, ‘Am I ever going to get around to it? ” 

Is it going to happen for me?”

Lynch was fortunate to have her goal of motherhood realized with Roux’s birth, which brought her enormous joy and contentment.

Roux Encouraged her Father to Play it Safe Inside the Ring.

Lopez has had a significant impact on her father since she was just two years old. Rollins readily admits that his daughter has influenced both his professional and personal views. He praised her as a source of inspiration, stating, “It is one of those things – for me, it is particularly inspiring.” You want to work harder to make the kid proud and create as much money as possible to support that individual.”

Furthermore, Roux’s presence has influenced Rollins’ approach to his profession, particularly his performance in the wrestling ring. Rollins reflected on the changes he experienced as a father, noting that “she has helped me think about things in a safer way.”

This remark suggests that Roux’s presence has made Rollins more careful, putting safety first to ensure he remains a present and capable father for years to come.

She Is Already On Twitter

Roux Lopez began her digital journey at the age of two with her own Twitter account. Her profile, created in November 2022, proudly states, 

“I am the daughter of @BeckyLynchWWE and @wwerollins.”

Despite her high-profile lineage, Roux’s Twitter account is still in its early stages, with only three followers.

This small start contrasts significantly with her parents’ vast social media followings, which number in the millions. 

Seth Rollins’ huge achievement may not be what you think.

WWE superstars appeared on NBC’s “Weakest Link” episode, which aired on July 17, 2023. The episode followed the show, which had the usual competitive formula and featured several well-known guests. In the episode where everyone was tested for their cerebral strength, The Architect made an emotional comment that many fans found endearing. This occurred as he recalled his biggest accomplishment on the show.

Final Words

Roux Lopez has recently made an impression with her compelling appeal despite her young age. As the world sees her work, it expects the pieces to be manufactured in the presence of this lovely young woman of WWE legends Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins. Roux’s cycle strives for excellence, given their birthright.

The news the wrestling world has been waiting for since Asuka uttered “Mother?” on the May 11 episode of Raw has arrived.

Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins shared an Instagram post introducing the world to their new baby Roux.

We do not have many more specifics to share, but we will when we obtain them. The essential thing here is that the mother, father, and baby appear to be in good health, and Seth and Bex appear to be content.

Lynch had revealed that she was expecting in December, shortly after leaving WWE. Aside from that, the pair remained rather quiet about their trip. Rollins mentioned it briefly in interviews, and Becky recently shared about a pregnant photo session. Seth was written out of WWE storylines after Survivor Series to spend time with his fiancée and newborn, and now we are here.


What age is Becky and Seth’s daughter?

Lynch began dating WWE star Rollins in early 2019, and they became engaged less than a year later, in August 2019. They welcomed their daughter Roux, 2, in December 2020 and married six months later.

What is Becky Lynch’s nickname?

From 2018 to 2020, she went by the nickname “The Man.” After her return and heel turn in 2021, she adopted the nickname “Big Time Becks.”. The following year, she returned to her “The Man” nickname.

How many children do Seth and Becky have?

Becky announced the news during an episode of WWE RAW on May 11, 2020. Their first child, a daughter named Roux, was born in December 2020.

Why are they calling Becky the man?

It is a pun on Ric Flair’s famous saying, “To be the man, you must defeat the man.” Lynch had a feud with Ric’s daughter, Charlotte Flair, in the fall of 2018. Becky defeated Charlotte for the Smackdown Women’s Championship, declaring herself “The Man.”

Is Seth Rollins a heel or a face?

Throughout his 11 years on the WWE main roster, Rollins has been both a top heel (bad man) and a top babyface (good guy) several times.

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