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Jenna Ortega Height, Weight, Career and Biography

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Jenna Ortega is an American actress. She started her career in her childhood and was recognized for her roles in “Wednesday,” “Scream and You,” and Disney shows like “Stuck in the Middle” and “Jane the Virgin” as young Jane. Although Jenna Ortega is being referred to as a rising star, she is already a well-established star in Hollywood, thanks to her status as a bona fide scream queen and her major role in Netflix’s Wednesday.

Personal Life and Background

jenna ortega personal life

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She is of both Mexican and Puerto Rican heritage. Ortega has stated that her friends and family provide her with a sense of safety, which helps her deal with the more difficult aspects of her work, adding that her family “keeps her feet on the ground.” She believes that growing up in an industry dominated by adults caused her to mature earlier than usual.

Ortega had been vegan for a long time before becoming pescatarian while filming on Wednesday.

Advocacy Work: Ambassador for UNAIDS

She is a proud UNAIDS ambassador. Jenna has collaborated with UNAIDS to raise awareness in memory of her late grandfather, who died of AIDS. 

She stated in 2017, “I want to help erase the stigma of AIDS and start people talking about it.” Make it normal; bring it up. “It is an illness that affects everyone.”

Hobbies and Interests

She confessed in a Teen Vogue interview that when she was younger, she would do autopsies on small creatures, particularly deceased lizards found in her backyard. (She would not kill the animals, but instead use those she found dead).

One of her passions is writing. She has stated that she enjoys writing about anything and finds it to be a relaxing activity.

She is obsessed with Stranger Things (2016). In an interview, she stated that she follows everyone’s theories about the show and can not get enough of it.

She was a vegan for an extended period before she began filming Wednesday (2022) in Romania. She is now a pescatarian.

Jenna Ortega was incredibly hungover while filming her iconic scream in the film “X” (2022), having gone on a pub crawl the night before with castmate Kid Cudi while in New Zealand.

Despite their shared surname, Jenna Ortega is not connected to director and choreographer Kenny Ortega.

Notable Quote

Ortega’s favorite quote states that she approaches work, relationships, and decision-making with love and light in mind.

Jenna Ortega Height Explained

In addition to playing the Addams family’s unblinking eldest kid, Ortega has appeared in various films, including X and Scream. She will soon reconnect with Wednesday’s Tim Burton in the long-awaited legacy sequel Beetlejuice 2, where she will play Winona Ryder’s daughter. Without a question, Ortega outshines many of her peers.

Ortega is actually incredibly short, so this is only symbolically true. When Wednesday first premiered in the fall of 2022, viewers were taken aback by her petite stature, believing that some digital or practical effects had been used to make her appear younger, as the job required her to play an adolescent. But how tall is Jenna Ortega actually?

Jenna Ortega Height is highly visible in Wednesday, and some viewers believe Lord of the Rings-style visual trickery was used to accomplish the feat. Or possibly filmmaker Tim Burton employed clever shot framing to make her appear shorter. In truth, the situation is rather different.

Despite being in her early twenties, the actress has already become linked with the supernatural and the horror genre. She may be wise beyond her years, but she is not tall. During one of Wired’s Auto-Complete Interviews, the 21-year-old revealed that she stands about 5 feet 1 inch tall and answers many frequently Googled questions about herself.

Jenna Ortega Height contributes to her believable performance as a teen character, yet she will eventually outgrow such parts. Again, figuratively and not literally.

Wednesday’s Platform Shoes: A Practical Decision to Cover Height Discrepancies

Jenna Ortega Wednesday

Aside from Wednesday’s on-screen best friend, Enid (Emma Myers), most of the ensemble is significantly taller than Ortega. Myers stands 5’3″, although several others are between 5’5″ and 1/2, including Luis Guzmán as Gomez Addams and Gwendoline Christie as Principal Weems, who stands 6’3″. To ensure that Wednesday is not overshadowed by her co-stars, the production employs several techniques to keep the height discrepancies from being too distracting.

In addition to helping to create Wednesday’s character and give her a distinct sense of style, the platforms helped to level the playing field for the actors, allowing the performance to shine. Ortega’s performance has already received much praise, and it helped the series garner more viewers in its debut week than any other English-language Netflix show, including Stranger Things, demonstrating that size did not deter success. Netflix has yet to announce Wednesday season 2, but given the series’ tremendous response thus far, it is expected to be renewed.

Upcoming Projects


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Ortega will star in Burton’s fantasy film, Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice (2024) is the sequel to Beetlejuice (1988). She will also appear in Taika Waititi’s Klara and the Sun (2024). Ortega has signed on to appear in and executive produce the romantic drama Winter Spring Summer or Fall, as well as an untitled Trey Edward Shults film starring The Weeknd and Barry Keoghan. She is set to star in Death of a Unicorn, a dark comedy co-starring Paul Rudd and Alba that will be produced and distributed by A24. 

Ortega will resume her role in Wednesday in the second season of Wednesday. She also became an executive producer, which she described as a “logical evolution” given that the first season was already incredibly collaborative. Ortega oversaw the costumes, characters, and screenplays.

Role choices

Ortega has stated that taking on more diverse acting roles is important to her in order to avoid being typecast; she told Entertainment Tonight in 2021 that she did not want to be “pigeonholed as an actor,” and that her desire to accept the most diverse roles possible made the transition to mature roles easier for her.

She stated that she is most comfortable starring in horror films, calling such endeavors “quite soothing.” In 2023, Ortega noted that she is careful not to “over-index on the gore scale” and that she is “extremely torn” about her hobbies since “a part of me constantly feels like the girl in the CoacheValley.”

Wrapping It Up

In summary, Jenna Ortega emerges as a versatile talent in Hollywood. She surpasses physical stereotypes to deliver captivating performances in diverse roles. Her advocacy as a UNAIDS ambassador reflects her commitment to important causes beyond the screen.

Ortega’s pursuit of varied acting opportunities demonstrates her dedication to personal growth and artistic exploration. As she continues to expand her career, Ortega’s passion and adaptability ensure her ongoing impact in the entertainment industry.

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