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King Von: From the Streets of Chicago to the Pinnacle of Drill Music

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Dayvon Daquan Bennett (August 9, 1994 – November 6, 2020), who was popularly known by his stage name, King Von, was an American rapper alongside being a gangster from Chicago, Illinois, United States of America from the Black Disciples gang. Therefore, he is regarded as one of the most significant stars of the drill genre.

Bennett rose to fame through the songs “Crazy Story” and “Took Her to the O,” the latter reached No. 44 on Billboard Hot 100, besides the extended play titled ‘The Hood Continent’ and his studio album ‘Welcome to O’ Block,’ released in 2020 ranked to No 5 on the billboard 200. He was under the Lil Durk record label known as Only the Family and was under Empire Distribution.

Early Life in Chicago

King Von, full name Dayvon Daquan Bennett, was born on August 9, 1994, in the city of Chicago in the state of Illinois, United States, it is a city in a country that has a rich cultural history, although it is currently facing a lot of social ills such as poverty, systematic Violence amongst others. Born and raised in the Parkway Gardens Homes, a public housing project that led to a problematic neighborhood, King Von depicted life more often involving risky environments and having to make sometimes questionable decisions.

At an early age, King Von was drawn into the gang culture and inner-city life as many rappers. These formed the basis of the lyrical stories that told of the pains, achievements, and injustices that characterized his sphere of existence. Growing up, he had a good feeling of life on the streets to develop the kind of feeling that the public would relate to in his production.

His father, Walter E. Bennett, had six other children who were his half-siblings; from his mother, Skai had three siblings. He only has a distant relationship with his father and spent most of his childhood with his mother in the Parkway Garden Homes located on the South Side, Chicago’s Woodlawn area, famously referred to as the “O-Block.”

Such interaction with the father is typified by inconsistency mainly because the father was contracted for incarceration severally. It was rather a brutal fate that befell Von when he was just 11 years old; his father was shot dead by an unknown gunman. Von later dedicated as many songs to his father as he could via his musical creativity.

King Von was there from the conception of drill music through his affiliation with Chief Keef and Lil Durk. However, he was often arrested during the 2010s for multiple relevant severe criminal offenses; thus, he gained popularity in the Chicago drill scene before his music production.

The Emergence of Drill Music

King Von Drill rapper

When King Von was in his prime, the rapping situation in Chicago was changing. Urban realities are reflected by drill music, which has dark beats and gritty lyrics. In essence, the drill was a means for marginalized people to speak their minds without any limitations.

The drill was initiated in Chicago, meaning that it acted as a platform for people such as King Von to communicate their minds with no obstacles. King Von’s primary objective for venturing into a musical career was beyond fame; it was for survival and self-realization.

The raw, unapologetic lyrics gave an insight into some of the challenges people face on the streets. He has quickly become a star in drill music with his unique voice on songs like ‘Took Her to the O’ Crazy Story’ and ‘Took Her to the O’ are among songs that make people realize King Von’s songs in the drill are quite exceptional.

Collaborations and Recognition

King Von and Lil Durk

King Von’s cooperation with Lil Durk, another rapper from Chicago, has been central to this rise to fame. King Von, under Lil Durk’s guidance, became popular partly because he is one of the key prominent names in hip-hop music.

The more King Von’s fan base grew, the more his reputation increased. Among his mixtapes that were praised for their depth and musicality were “Grandson, Vol. 1” as well as “Levon James.” It was in October 2020 that he dropped his first studio album called “Welcome to O’Block,” which made him one of the best rappers as it had introspective songs such as these or even better ones that garnered so much attention because they have good storytelling techniques.

Challenges and Triumphs

Although he was starting to become popular, King Von encountered various difficulties, whether personal or professional. As the truth of being famous came with more pressure and public criticism, his former ways continued to govern his current life. During all this time, King Von stayed loyal to his origins by using songs to self-reflect and engage his fans. King Von’s distinction in the industry was because he was genuine at all times, even though it was rare.

Legacy and Impact

It was a tragic moment when his brilliant career ended, and this occurred on November 6, 2020, as he received fatal injuries during a tense confrontation in Atlanta. His demise caused tremors among people that range far beyond the music industry and attracted multiple eulogies from his fans, peers in the music industry, and cultural analysts. However, even after his death, King Von’s memory lives on.

They continue enjoying the music that he does as it stands as evidence that stories are very powerful and one can leave a very noticeable mark in cultural aspects. Even after his death, some of his works are put on the market, and others are done in partnership with others. Through this coming up, great artists’ communities that this past generation can be proud of are made.

The Genesis of a Rapper

King Von

King Von got into music with the help of his friend Lil Durk, who is also an artist in the music industry. Lil Durk saw something special about King Von despite his being so new to music, and he convinced him to try out music. At first, King Von was not very good at it, but because he was real and different from other rappers, his song spread like wildfire on the underground drill scene.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is this King Von? Where did he grow up?

His name is King Von, and he was born on August 9, 1994. He grew up at Parkway Gardens Homes, which is a public housing project on the South Side of Chicago. Because he was brought up in the middle of cities’ challenges, his music and narrations vividly represent this environment.

What is drill music, and how did King Von contribute to the genre?

Drill music originated in Chicago and is characterized by its aggressive beats and gritty lyrics that reflect the realities of street life. King Von became a prominent figure in the drill scene due to his raw storytelling and authentic portrayal of urban struggles. His lyrics often depicted themes of Violence, loyalty, and survival, resonating deeply with listeners.

What were some of King Von’s notable songs and albums?

King Von gained recognition for songs like “Crazy Story,” “Took Her to the O, and “Grandson for President. His mixtapes, including “Grandson, Vol. 1 and “Levon James, showcased his lyrical prowess and earned critical acclaim. His debut studio album, “Welcome to O’Block, released in 2020, further solidified his place in the rap scene.

What was King Von’s place in the music industry?

In addition to music, he was considered as one of the artists who claimed to understand street life in its complexity using writing. People who strive for genuine stories take after him, leaving an imprint in the drill genre. His death sometime in 2020 is a reminder of how he influenced hip-hop.”

What role have King Von’s life experiences played in influencing his music?

King Von grew up in the South Side of Chicago, where he saw tough times, including Violence, poverty, and other hardships. Such scenarios created a basis for his songs, reflecting real-life challenges people faced, which made them love and enjoy listening to him.


Storytelling, resilience, and power in the face of adversity were King Von’s best attributes, and he rose above the street life in Chicago’s South Side to become a celebrated figure in drill music. This is why his music still captures the attention of people from all walks of life and commemorates his life that remains with us. As we ponder over his life and career, King Von reminds everyone about the power of authenticity and the capability to capture intricate life details through music.

Celebration of King Von’s contributions to the rap genre. In addition to that, it responds to frequently asked questions about his life history, career progression, or the impact that he will have on hip-hop culture after an extended period.

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