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Meet Corrie Bird: Everything About Life Journey of Larry Bird’s Daughter

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Corrie Bird is the daughter of Larry Bird and his ex-wife, Janet Condra, who was a basketball player, so Corrie was the daughter of one of the most appreciated legendary NBA winners. Many people speculate that Corrie is adopted, but she is Larry’s first child from his two marriages. Larry has three children in total. It took Corrie many years, and she had a hard time getting her father to notice her, regardless of being the daughter of a famous basketball star.

If you are curious about Larry’s role as a father, his relationship with his daughter Corrie, and additional details about her, then you are at the right spot; in today’s article, we will delve into all these details. So, keep reading this post till the end to know more.

Who is Corrie Bird?

As we already discussed, Corrie Bird was born to Larry Bird and his ex-wife Janet Condra on August 14, 1977 (age 46), before Larry Bird even started his NBA career. The separation of her parents badly impacted and shaped her early years. Still, despite all these problems, Corrie’s remarkable resolution and spirit finally brought her closer to her father and enabled her to become a strong and independent woman.

Corrie Bird’s Height and Weight

Corrie has her father’s beautifully inherited athletic genes, an impressive height of 5 feet 6 inches, and weighs 68 kilograms. Her pleasant look goes well with her calm and composed personality. Her charming blue eyes and brown hair also add to her mesmerizing presence.

Professional Career and Education of Corrie Bird

Corrie Bird is the mother of two and currently resides in Indiana, where she works as a manager in the healthcare department. She earned a degree in business administration in 1999 from Indiana State University. After getting her master’s degree in elementary education and business administration, she decided to proceed with health care management.

Corrie has held notable positions at well-reputed institutions over the years, including Clay Community Schools, Putnam County Hospital, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, and St. Vincent Clay Hospital, due to her dedication and experience in the field, earning her well-deserved respect and recognition.

Corrie Bird’s Nationality

She was born in the United States and is an American citizen. She is very pleased to be an American because her father, Larry Bird, is a famous NBA star whose family is from the United States.

Corrie Bird’s Religion

Corrie Bird belongs to a Christian family, though a few people claim to know or speculate about her religious beliefs. Her spirituality and religion remain intimate aspects of her life.

How Many Siblings Does Corry Bird Have?

In the US, Mariah Bird, her sister, manages events for Pacers Sports & Entertainment. After American basketball player Larry Bird adopted her, she rose to fame. Mariah Bird is a dancer and event coordinator with Pacers Sports and Entertainment. She assists in organizing cheers, chants, and dances to support sporting events.

Her brother, Connor Bird, is another famous child who struggles to cope with the attention their parents receive. He attempted to hit his girlfriend with his automobile, which led to his latest arrest.

Corrie Bird’s Relationship with Father

Corrie Bird father

Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

Corrie Bird and her father had a strained relationship for most of her life. Her parents separated when she was a baby, and Larry denied being her father until a test revealed otherwise. He paid her money for child support but spent little time with her. She grew up in Indiana with her mother and father, Joe Kerns. However, when Corrie was in high school, everything changed. She requested that her father attend one of her basketball games.

Larry agreed, and he and his daughter began talking again. He also attended her wedding and graduation. Since then, Corrie and Larry have maintained a nice but not particularly close relationship. Corrie stated that she loves her father but does not know him very well.

She grew older, and Larry eventually referred to her as his daughter. According to the Pacers’ coach’s book, he could not have honestly claimed to have had that much involvement in his daughter Corrie’s life because of his troubles with Corrie’s mother, Janet Condra. He offers their falling out as an example.

Lawrence also describes in the book how he frequently thought about Corrie but knew he could not do much because he could not go back and relive her first five or six years of existence.

Did Corrie Bird Get Married?

Corrie Bird husband

Corrie Bird is married to Trent Theopolis Batson, and they are living happy lives together. On May 17, 2008, they married in a magnificent ceremony at the White Chapel on the Rose Hulman Institute of Technology campus. The party continued at the Rose Hulman Dining Hall, where their closest family and friends came together to celebrate their delight.

Corrie looked gorgeous in her white strapless gown, while Trent looked dashing in his tuxedo. Their wedding day celebrated their love and dedication to one another.

Who is Corrie Bird’s Husband?

Corrie’s spouse, Trent Theopolis Batson, is an Indiana native who works as a public safety officer and security expert at the prestigious Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. This private college in Terre Haute, Indiana, is well-known for its emphasis on science and technology education.

Corrie and Trent’s love story began in the mid-2000s, and their marriage has grown stronger with each passing year. They negotiate life’s hardships and joys together, encouraging and supporting one another along the way.

Corrie Bird’s Children

Family is Corrie’s main priority, along with her husband, Trent Batson. They are blessed with two beautiful kids, Violet Marie, born on June 18, 2012, and Sebastien Gey, born on April 27, 2017.

Trent has two kids from his previous relationship, Samantha and Christian, in addition to his kids with Corrie, who are making a beautiful family together.

Networth of Corrie Bird

While Corrie Bird has chosen to keep her net worth hidden, it is assumed that her position as a healthcare manager gives her a nice income, potentially ranging from $60,000 to $100,000 yearly.

Furthermore, as the daughter of the renowned Larry Bird, whose net worth is estimated to be $75 million, Corrie is the heir to a portion of her father’s significant fortune amassed via his successful NBA career and coaching pursuits.

Social Media Presence of Corrie Bird

In today’s digital age, many people, including Corrie Bird, have made social media a part of their daily lives. While Corrie keeps some aspects of her life secret, she carefully shares glimpses of her life with her online audience.

Corrie uses social media to interact with her family, friends, and fans, bringing insight into her life as a dedicated mother, healthcare professional, and daughter of a basketball icon.


Corrie Bird’s journey reflects resilience, determination, and the pursuit of her path despite being the daughter of a legendary NBA figure. Overcoming challenges in her relationship with her father, Larry Bird, she carved her successful career in healthcare management while prioritizing family life. With a loving marriage to Trent Theopolis Batson and two beautiful children, Corrie’s story embodies strength, grace, and fulfillment in building a life of one’s choosing.

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