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Sonny Side Wife, Education Wiki, Height, Networth, and Everything You Want to Know About Him

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Let’s look at the life of William Sonbuchner, better referred to as Sonny Side, the creative genius behind the Best Ever Food Review Show on YouTube. In this exploration, we will find Sonny’s origins, his mysterious marital fame, Sonny Side wife, and the interesting dynamics of his partnership with his wife, who plays a crucial role behind the curtain.

Who is Sonny Side?

Sonny Side

Sonny Side, real name William Sonbuchner, is the creative force behind the widely acclaimed Best Ever Food Review Show on YouTube, where he explores culinary delights from around the globe. Boasting approximately 10.6 million subscribers, Sonbuchner’s channel has garnered a substantial following.

In addition to his YouTube presence, Sonbuchner maintains energetic accounts on Facebook and Instagram, similarly expanding his fan base. His work has earned him popularity, such as winning the Webby Award for People’s Voice: Viral Video of the Year in 2020.

Beyond his online endeavors, Sonny has appeared in numerous TV series and is a producer for several shows, including Amiss, Roommates, and Spyz. Hailing from Minnesota, USA, Sonbuchner’s early passion for film has propelled him to become one of the most prominent figures in online entertainment.

Sonny Sider Biography

Sonny Sider, well known for his YouTube show Best Ever Food Review Show, is a culinary enthusiast who relocated to South Korea to pursue his passion for filming food and travel videos. Asia’s unique culture initially inspired William, and his trip led him to develop a community of viewers passionate about the many cuisines and experiences that Asia offers.

His contagious energy and genuine love of food have propelled him to the forefront of the culinary industry, motivating others to pursue culinary excellence in unexpected ways and with passion.

Sonny Side Education

Sonny finished his education at Sauk Rapids-Rice High School in Minnesota. Despite having highly educated siblings, he showed little interest in formal schooling. Despite enrolling in three separate institutions, Will had difficulties and could not graduate. It’s worth noting that he was given the nickname “Sonny” in high school.

He became fascinated with filmmaking during his high school years when he began his journey into the world of video creation. DSLR cameras first appeared about this time, providing an intriguing dimension to his research of the visual arts.

Sonny Side Age

Sonny will turn 40 in 2024. He was born on August 22nd, 1984, and continues living in the delightful city where it all started.

Sonny Side Height

He stands at the graceful height of 6 feet, 1 inch, adding to his charm and personality.

Sonny Side Family

William Sonbuchner grew up in the charming town of St. Cloud, Minnesota, among his brothers. Eventually, life took him on a voyage across the globe when he opted to swap the familiar landscapes of the United States for the experiences that lay ahead in Asia.

Sonny Side Wedding

The marital status of William Sonbuchner, commonly known as Sonny Side, remains a subject of speculation. While specific sources suggest that Sonbuchner entered matrimony several years ago, the details surrounding his wedding remain elusive, as Sonny has refrained from divulging any information.

Despite maintaining a discreet stance on his personal affairs, glimpses of Sonbuchner’s purported spouse believed to be of Vietnamese origin, have surfaced online through scattered images and videos. However, whether Sonny will provide clarity on his marital status shortly remains uncertain, but any forthcoming revelations will be promptly addressed.

Sonny Side Wife

William Sonbuchner, a late 30s YouTuber, has kept his personal life under wraps on social media, maintaining a mysterious air around his romantic involvement. Despite wearing a wedding ring, he playfully alludes to his relationship on YouTube, leaving the identity of Sonny Side wife shrouded in secrecy. Sonbuchner’s wife, a quiet powerhouse in the background, prefers to stay hidden and out of the spotlight.

Sonbuchner occasionally sprinkles jokes about his relationship in his videos, but Sonny Side wife has not entered the public eye. Sonny Side wife plays a pivotal role in his content creation journey, working as a producer for his videos. The couple has chosen not to embark on the journey of parenthood, allowing Sonbuchner to channel his energy into his busy career as a YouTuber and food reviewer. Amid the digital world’s clamour, Sonbuchner and his wife continue to navigate the balance of personal and professional life, weaving a narrative that remains intriguingly private.

Sonny Side Personal Life

Sonny has managed to keep his personal life private while sharing insights into his eccentricities. His Vietnamese wife and signature bandana are a testament to his perseverance in videos. Sonbuchner’s love for grilled cheese is his absolute favourite dish, while cucumbers are on his hate list.

His work demonstrates genuineness and provides insights into his life, adding a layer of realness that resonates with many. Sonbuchner’s strategy of keeping some things private while giving insight into his eccentricities is refreshing in a society where excessive sharing is common. He shows that success can be achieved on one’s terms, with a dash of authenticity and a sprinkle of personal quirks. He deserves kudos for being a relatable figure and reminding us that success can be achieved on one’s terms.

Sonny Side Wife Relationship

Will Sonbuchner, a charming and entertaining YouTuber, is happily married but respects Sonny Side wife’s privacy. Despite having over 600 videos with over 2 billion views, he never discloses any personal information about his life, including his girlfriend-turned-wife. Despite her playful hints in his engaging videos, Sonbuchner’s wife, who holds a significant administrative position, is kept a secret from the public.

The Adventure-Full Life of Sonny Side and His Wife

Sonny Side and his wife embarked on a lifelong travel and culinary exploration voyage, touring the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean. Their quest is more than just trying new foods; it is also an exploration of various civilizations. Their journeys are documented for Sonny’s Best Ever Food Review Show, where they meet people who prepare traditional meals in their homes or on street corners, making viewers feel as if they are right there with them on their food quests.

Sonny Side Professional Career

Sonny started his career at the 104.7 KCLD radio station at 24 but was rejected by a major radio station in 2008. This led him to consider a career in radio due to the growing popularity of podcasts. He worked as a server for Applebee’s International, Inc., but faced a career setback and was fired. Despite this, Will persevered and pursued multiple job roles, including moving companies and restaurant work. Despite the challenges, Will remained determined to find his way in the ever-changing work landscape.

Sonny Side, a 24-year-old English teacher from South Korea, found his interest in filmmaking while teaching. He subsequently relocated to Vietnam, where he hired a videographer to document lesser-known gastronomic marvels, establishing the Best Ever Food Review Show on YouTube.

Sonny’s experience led him to host the travel show “Crazy Delicious,” which aired in 2018. His travels have taken him to 25 countries, including Iran, and he was the first US-owned YouTube channel granted filming permission in Iran. Sonny and his crew won the People’s Voice: Viral Video of the Year Webby Award in 2020 and the Food & Drink Official Honoree. Their influence in the digital domain is evident.

Sonny Side Net Worth

By 2024, William Sonbuncher’s financial portfolio reflects an estimated net worth of approximately $5 million, a testament to his diversified income streams primarily from his filmmaking and production endeavors.

In social media, Sonbuncher generates revenue through various channels, leveraging the monetization of his YouTube content and capitalizing on Facebook ads. His compelling content and sizable following contribute significantly to his consistent income.

Furthermore, Sonbuncher expands his wealth through strategic partnerships and collaborations, particularly with esteemed food brands, tapping into his extensive fan base to secure lucrative deals.

Sonbuncher’s passion for travel and cultural exploration will play a pivotal role in his earnings. Through high-quality videos documenting his experiences with diverse cuisines and global cultures, he adds yet another dimension to his income sources.

In summary, William Sonbuncher’s impressive $5 million net worth is the culmination of his multifaceted approach, seamlessly blending filmmaking, social media presence, and strategic collaborations within food and travel.


In summary, William Sonbuchner’s story is a captivating blend of creativity and mystery. From his rise as Sonny Side to his intriguing personal life, his journey is a testament to perseverance and authenticity. As he continues to navigate the digital realm, Sonbuchner’s enigmatic charm will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on his audience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where does Sonny Food Review live?

Sonny is originally from the United States but now lives in Vietnam. He has lived in Asia for ten years and began filming cuisine and travel films to capture his experiences.

How much does the best-ever food review show earn?

The Best Ever Food Review Show’s RPM is around $6, and he receives an average of 3.8 million views per video; each video generates more than $26K from YouTube ad content alone.

How old is the Best Ever Food Review?

Sonny started the channel in 2010 and posted the first BEFRS episode in 2015. Sonny has always loved food and was overweight as a teen, which he exploits jokingly to justify his trustworthiness as a food reviewer. Before BEFRS, Sonny presented Crazy Delicious on the Travel Channel.

Why is Sonny Side wearing a bandana?

What distinguishes Sonny Side from his heroes is his no-nonsense approach. The production team consists of less than a dozen people. The host’s most eye-catching piece of clothing is a red bandanna, which he wears to keep sweat off his face and conceal his receding hairline.

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