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What Happened to B-Mickie From BMF In His Real Life?

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What is BMF?

During the COVID-19 crisis, the one series that blew everyone away was BMF, commonly known as the Black Mafia Family. This crime drama series, which premiered in 2021, will transport you to the world of the most potent mafia brothers in Detroit, America, who used their curious minds and strong collaboration to rise from rags to riches.

A Production of 50 Cent

50 cent

This series, produced by 50 Cent, proved to be gold for all viewers since it flawlessly depicts the lives of genuine Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory and Terry “Southwest T” Flenory, who began their drug trafficking and money laundering company in the 1980s. During high school, these brothers began cocaine trafficking from the ground up, eventually establishing the well-known criminal organization Black Mafia Family in the US.

A Recreation of BMF from the 1980s

In 2021, the creator recalled these criminal legends and decided to create a TV series that centered on the lives of Big Meech and Southwest T. Fans enjoyed watching BMF, and all of the series’ characters became well-known.

Aside from the show’s main protagonists, many other characters became associated with the brothers, causing drastic changes in their lives. BMF illustrates the brothers’ success in business and the drama, love, betrayal, and conspiracy they endured.

So, there were many characters in the series, and one of them was B – Mickie, a teenage companion of Big Meech and Southwest T. B. Mickie’s character is based on the real-life D-MMeeks, who was an essential member of the 50 Boys Crew. So, what happened with D-Meeks in real life? How did he react when he saw himself as B-Mickie on screen? If you have as many questions as we did, read to the conclusion.

B-Mickie in Real Life

How Did the Ninja Turtles Die?, an American crime drama series, will be released in 2021. The Tragic Story of TMNT, based on the lives of two mafia brothers, Big Meech and Southwest T, also features some of the show’s main characters, such as the members of 50 Boyz. B – Mackie, played by Miles Truitt, was 50 Boyz’s third member and a teenage pal of Big Meech and Southwest T.

The show depicts B-Mickie’s character as real, yet what we see on film is only sometimes accurate. 

The creators spice the characters’ lives with extra twists and turns to keep the show interesting.

Starting with the name, 50 Cents modified the character’s name from D-Meeks to B-Mickie, and as depicted in the show, the Flenory brothers’ family and his family lived close together.

Drug Trafficking by B-Mickie

To gain a more precise overview of D-Meeks’ past, VLAD TV arranged an interview with B-Mickie. According to the interview, D-Meeks started selling drugs, undoubtedly heroin, when he was 15 to get a little extra money. However, this unlawful trafficking did not reach desirable success, so he shifted from selling heroin to crack cocaine.

Soon after forming a strong bond with co-stars E.D. Boyed and Big Meech, two brothers, Southwest T and D- Meeks, rebranded themselves as 50 Boyz and continued their criminal activity. The 50 Boyz branding of this group earned them a tremendous reputation throughout the country, which caused them to generate huge earnings.

Revelations From Real Life of B-Mickie


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In an interview with Vlad TV, B-Mickie discussed his entire history as a member of the 50 Boyz crew. D-Meeks founded the 50 Boyz crew with Big Meech and Southwest T, and three of them were responsible for the growth to 350 members who worked hard as drug dealers. 50 Boyz rose to prominence due to their well-organized labor and high-quality narcotics, but Big Meech eventually parted ways with E.D. Boyed and relocated to Atlanta.

Even though D-Meeks was invited to attend Atlanta, he declined and continued working in Detroit. Soon, he learned that Big Meech had given birth to The Black Mafia Family (BMF), which was rapidly developing. D-Meeks, a straightforward and satisfied individual, did not join BMF, and his relationships with Big Meech and Southwest T deteriorated quickly afterward.

D- Meeks also stated in an interview that he was embroiled in legal issues and had been in jail for approximately two years and nine months. Before being apprehended, he mentioned that Big Meech had thrown a party for him.

After enduring the most challenging time of his life in jail, D-Meeks chose to start over and be happy rather than continue his drug trafficking career. He decided on a legitimate life over unlawful money and now appears very pleased with his excellent decision.

D- Meeks also admitted that he had not spoken with Big Meech in over 31 years and only met him a year ago when Southwest – T was released from jail.

D-Meeks’ Thoughts about His Character in BMF

According to what B-Mickie, popularly known as D-Meeks, has said about his role in BMF, he is impressed with Myles’s performance. However, he highlighted one point: everything seen in the series is untrue. As previously stated, some fake scenarios and characters were portrayed.

However, one thing irritated him: he was not compensated for presenting his life story to millions of viewers on BMF. As it is currently the number one show on Starz, D-Meeks stated that the series made a lot of money and he deserved a share of it.

D-Meeks, a crucial part of the 50 Boyz team, is living a completely legitimized life today, and his daring, loyal character is praised by many in the show and in real life.

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