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What are the Top Tech Companies in Cleveland?

by Zain Ali
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Are you looking for the best tech company in Cleveland, Ohio for your software project? Planning to outsource your custom software development project to a well-experienced and qualified team? If yes, then you have come to the right page!

Custom software development helps you ensure that all your specific business requirements are exceeded in the most hassle-free way possible. This empowers your business with streamlined workflows, improved efficiency, reduced expenses, and overall great customer satisfaction. It even facilitates access to global talent and leverages modified programming that boosts the software development life cycle. 

If you are a business and struggling to find the best IT companies in Cleveland Ohio, then this blog will make this task quite easier for you. This blog highlights the list of best software development companies in Cleveland. You can find any suitable company as per your business needs, objectives, and even budget.

The List of Top Tech Companies in Cleveland

Taazaa Inc. 

Taazaa Inc. is one of the leading software development companies in Cleveland Ohio. The company specializes in offering custom solutions for SaaS development, UX/UI design, mobile app development, and data analytics. They serve almost all the major industries such as transportation, healthcare, real estate, EdTech, and transportation. Taazaa Inc. leverages digital transformation in its services so that you stay relevant and seize market opportunities.


SoluLab is one of the most trusted IT companies in Cleveland Ohio. It has a record of completing 1500+ software projects. The team boasts extensive knowledge in completing software projects related to cloud services, application development, desktop application development, API integration, UX/UI design, and much more. SoluLab is the market leader in AI, Blockchain, and IoT-based software development solutions.

Cabot Technology Solutions Inc.

Cabot Technology Solutions is known as a prominent custom healthcare software development company in North America. It is dedicated to offering a comprehensive range of healthcare software integration services that ensure interoperability and boost efficiency. They understand all the intricacies associated with the healthcare industry and thus offer top-notch software solutions such as telehealth, EHR (Electronic Health Record), and healthcare analytics.

Saigon Technology

Saigon Technology is the leading name in Cleveland Ohio, offering award-winning custom software development solutions to large enterprises to startups. The team involves more than 400 top-tier software developers who are committed to delivering top-notch and budget-friendly software solutions that meet the unique needs of the clients. They provide agile solutions for software development outsourcing, IT staff augmentation, web development, mobile app development, AI/ML solutions, cross platform development, and a lot more.


SaucyBytes is the industry-leading team offering embedded software solutions. They have a qualified and well-experienced team of developers who understand the challenges that most modern businesses face. They develop agile methodologies and strategic practices to ensure greater reliability and performance. The nationwide teams strive to offer on-site support, training, and consultations.

IPCS Design

IPCS (Info Planet Computer Solutions) is a web design company in Cleveland, Ohio. It offers holistic web development services from initial planning to consultation, domain selection to web hosting, design, and development to the final launch. They understand their client’s requirements, create strategic web designs, and offer complete support to drive success to the business.

While choosing tech companies in Cleveland, make sure that the company is accredited with the industry regulations and compliance. You can opt for a service that works seamlessly with your business systems while meeting your goals. The custom software solutions also resolve challenges related to communication, collaboration, enterprise integrity, and productivity.


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