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One Tree Hill Star Bethany Joy Lenz: Biography and Crazy Revelations You Want to Know

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Fans of the iHeart Media podcast, hosted by former costars Hilarie Burton, Bethany Joy Lenz, and Sophia Bush, began to assume that two of the three ladies were feuding in early March. While Burton and Bush’s other characters, Payton and Brooke, had the most squabbles during the series’ run from 2003 to 2012 (we all know Lucas Scott’s name was on the damn door under Brooke’s name), this alleged feud involves Burton and Lenz, who played even-keeled Haley James Scott on the hit teen drama.

Here’s all you need to know about the internet debate, which would be more appropriate for BookTok than The CW. 

But first, let me introduce you to One Tree Hill diva Bethany Joy Lenz by going over some personal and background information about her.

Hilarie Burton, Bethany Joy Lenz, and Sophia Bush

Photo by David Becker/Getty Images for iHeartRadio

Who is Bethany Joy Lenz?

Background and Biography

Lenz, who was trained by the director of “The Brooklyn College of Opera”, plays the guitar and keyboard and composes her own music. Lenz has self-released two albums and is now a member of the band Everly.

On TV, Lenz is best known for her depictions of Michelle Bauer Santos on Guiding Light (from 1998 to 2000) and Haley James Scott on One Tree Hill (since 2003). On August 10, the CW made a statement that Bethany is going to be a part of a special crossover event between “Life Unexpected” and “One Tree Hil” shows. She will costar alongside Kate Voegele in the hit show Life Unexpected, playing Haley James Scott. The episode will air on October 12, 2010. Lenz’s theatre credits include partnering with Garry Marshall and Carole King on a new musical and working with director Arthur Allan Seidelman on a performance of The Outsiders.

Little More Important Background Context

Bethany Joy Lenz

Photo by David Becker/Getty Images for iHeartRadio

Burton, Bush, and Lenz have long discussed show creator Mark Schwahn’s chauvinist and improper behavior. In 2017, Burton, Bush, and Lenz joined other former cast members in writing an open letter accusing him of sexual harassment and manipulation.

On their own podcast, the trio addressed how Schwahn planned to push the series’ female characters against each other. In 2006, Burton and Bush were pressured to participate in a Maxim magazine cover shoot, while Lenz was told she was “too heavy” and was replaced by castmate Danneel Ackles. However, Bush was led to believe that Lenz had turned down the shoot.

“When I stated I did not want to do it, I was like, ‘But Joy is not doing it! She said no. Why is she allowed to say no?” Bush recalls. “They say, ‘Well, she said no, so you must say yes.'” She said no first. They used you as a scapegoat, convincing the three of us that we could not refuse. We were not mad at you, but we were upset about it.

All of this indicates that any discussion of “feuding” between these women is certain to elicit strong emotions from both fans and the actors.

Marriage and Relationship

Bethany Joy Lenz and Husband

Bethany revealed in November 2005 that she would marry Michael Galeotti. Their daughter, Maria Rose Galeotti, was born in 2011. She assumed his surname and will go by “Bethany Joy Galeotti” professionally. Unfortunately, she revealed in March 2012 that she and her husband were divorcing and that she would resume using her maiden name, “Bethany Joy Lenz.” In 2012, Bethany was dating Wes Ramsey.

5 Interesting Facts About Bethany Joy Lenz

1. Tattoo

Many of you might be unaware, but yes! Bethany has got a tattoo on the top of her right foot. 

2. Blessed with Amazing Vocal Cords

She is also a talented musician as well, and a fabulous singer with a four-octave range. 

3. Famous Star of American Young Adult Drama Series

Bethany, Michael Trucco, and Danneel Harris co-starred in the famous American teen/young adult drama series One Tree Hill.

4. Known by Incorrect Name

Everybody calls her Joy. It was originally spelled Joie, but she became weary of correcting people who mispronounced it as “Joey.”

5. Signature Pose: Hands-on Hips

It may sound weird, but it is true! Bethany is noted for always keeping her hands on her hips, either while walking, sitting, or jogging. This attribute has been handed down to her characters; she once called it the “Joie Lenz lighthouse pose” while on Guiding Light. Even she declined to wear a dress for a One Tree Hill taping that would have prevented her from resting her hands on her hips. The director eventually gave in and chose a different outfit for Haley (her character) to wear, allowing her to retain her hands on her hips.

What is Bethany Joy Lenz’s Memoir: “Dinner for Vampires”?

On February 29, Bethany Joy Lenz debuted her new memoir, Dinner for Vampires: Life on a Cult TV Show.

Dinner for Vampires, my memoir about the decade I lived in an abusive, high-demand organization (also known as a cult), is on presale now,” she captioned her image. “Being a writer has been a huge, hidden joy in my life since I was about twelve.” This is not the first book I expected to write publicly, but as difficult as this subject is to untangle, I am glad for the opportunity to share my narrative in my own unique way. It is a story about forgiveness and a road map for manipulating others, interspersed with grief and fun. We all make errors, and I hope Dinner for Vampires reminds you that no matter what strange paths you have taken, you are not alone.

That same day, Hilarie Burton apparently shared a mysterious Pink remark on Instagram Stories and X.com. “I do not believe imitation is the highest form of flattery. “I believe it is bothersome,” the quote read, according to fan screenshots.

When fans suspected Burton was referring to her own memoir, Grimoire Girl: A Memoir of Magic and Mischief, which will be released in October 2023, TikTok user @laguna_biotch decided to see if Burton and Lenz were following each other on Instagram. They weren’t.

And, while Glamour cannot confirm whether they used to follow each other on Instagram, they no longer do as of March 4. Both are now following Sophia Bush.

What is the Reaction of Fans?

Many believe Burton is furious about the similarities between the book’s cover art, with one TikTok user noting, “It better not be about a freaking book cover since Hilarie’s was not some innovative thought.”

Most Popular

Meanwhile, others are simply saddened by the reported turmoil, even going so far as to claim Burton is “bullying” Lenz. “I am really sad to see what is happening with Joy Lenz,” one admirer said on one of Burton’s recent posts. “I wish you would continue to set an example of friendliness. Navigating friendships that are not productive. I am sure there is more to the story, but the portion you made us part of and the part you presented made it appear as if you were bullying Joy. I’m so sad. I enjoyed the podcast, although I suppose it was not real. I hope you can work things out and hope you are both recovering or moving on.”

The topic continues to gain traction on the social media video app.

Will this affect “Drama Queens”?

As of March 4, Drama Queens was still marketing new episodes.

Have Burton and Lenz Commented on the Situation?

While Lenz has made limited statements on her memoir launch, there have been no official comments. Glamour has contacted representatives from both parties.

Final Words

While swirling rumors about potential discord among the former stars of “One Tree Hill,” the spotlight falls on Bethany Joy Lenz, whose multifaceted career and personal life have captivated fans for years.

A skilled musician, Lenz’s talents extend beyond acting, with two self-released albums and a role in the band Everly. Her portrayal of Haley James Scott in the beloved teen drama solidified her status as a TV icon. Despite the challenges of her personal life, including a publicized divorce from Michael Galeotti, Lenz has remained resilient, reclaiming her maiden name professionally.

Amidst the controversy surrounding the memoir “Dinner for Vampires,” which sheds light on her experiences in a cult-like environment, speculation about tensions between Lenz and her former costars surfaces. However, Lenz maintains a dignified silence amidst the speculation, leaving fans eager for clarity.

As discussions unfold online, the legacy of “One Tree Hill” remains undiminished, with Bethany Lenz’s contributions continuing to resonate with audiences worldwide.


Is Bethany Joy Lenz in a relationship?

Bethany looks to be single at the moment, as she mentioned in the podcast. 

Who was pregnant in real life on One Tree Hill?

Bethany Joy Lenz was pregnant in reality during the filming of season 8.

How old was Bethany Joy Lenz in Season 1?

Bethany Joy Lenz was 22 when she began playing high school junior Haley James Scott. Lenz, who starred in all nine series seasons, was 30 years old when the show concluded, while her character was in her late twenties. 

Did Bethany and James date in real life?

She claimed that while they never met in person, the “chemistry” remained. Lenz and Lafferty appeared as high school sweethearts in all nine seasons of “One Tree Hill.”

Did Bethany Joy Lenz have a baby?

In real life, she is the proud mother to Maria Rose, a daughter she welcomed in 2011 and shares with ex-Michael Galeotti. They were photographed together on the red carpet in 2022.

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