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Who is Anthony McClelland: Father of Lebron James

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LeBron James is one of the best-known basketball players. He is at the pinnacle of his career, with several accomplishments. And he will not stop anytime soon; the player declared his participation in the future season at the 2023 ESPY Awards in Los Angeles. LeBron James attended the occasion with most of his family, but his biological father, Anthony McClelland, was absent. 

Today, I will be putting my secret agent abilities to use. I will try to find out who LeBron James’ father is. LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers poses for a selfie with his mother, Gloria James, and son, Bryce James, during the 2023 McDonald’s High School All-American Games. 

People have not seen or heard much from LeBron James’ father, and many have believed he is not present. But there is no clear evidence. So, what is Anthony McClelland’s story? Let’s find the truth.

Is Anthony McClelland Roland Bivens in Reality?

Roland Bivens was a star basketball player at the same high school Gloria attended in the early 1980s. Gloria James claims that Anthony McClelland is the father. When you look for Anthony McClelland photographs online, you will get images of Roland Bivens. 

Roland was eighteen or nineteen, and Gloria was 15 or 16. Thus, it would have been statutory rape, much like the prior two victims. Gloria and Roland’s friends claimed they were always together and even dated at one point. Roland was charged with arson and theft, which is why I assume he changed his name to Anthony. Roland’s high school coach stated that Roland’s playing style was similar to LeBron’s. 

When you compare pictures of Roland and Lebron from high school, they appear incredibly similar. This is when things become tricky and deep. Roland never claimed to be the father because he was killed in a drive-by shooting in 1994. When this incident occurred, LeBron was eight years old and had not yet gained international recognition. But here’s when things get tricky. Roland died in 1994, but Anthony McClelland, who I assume is the same as Roland, was caught in 2002! He attempted to contact LeBron earlier that year, before his incarceration. 

But how could this happen if he was slain eight years ago? Return to the middle of this paragraph, where Roland is accused of arson and theft. Guess what? The same thing happened to McClelland; he was arrested in 2002 for arson and theft. So, was my prediction that they were the same individual incorrect? Was Roland Bivens a person who resembled LeBron and dated Gloria?

Now, let’s talk about the most prevalent side of Lebron’s claimed father, Anthony McClelland.

Does LeBron have a relationship with his dad? 

LeBron James does not have any relationship with his father. He has always resented his father and, in 2014, sent him an Instagram message expressing thankfulness for not having him around. 

Like, ‘Wow, Dad, you know what, I do not know you, I have no idea who you are, yet you are a big part of why I am who I am today. The fuel I use—your absence—is one of the reasons I grew up to be me. It is part of the reason I want to be hands-on with my projects… So, I am in a position to help individuals around me grow, which may not have happened if I could have both parents, two sisters, one dog, and a picket fence. 

Anthony McClelland’s Profession

There is little information about his profession. He allegedly started down the wrong path at a young age, and as a result, he was unable to support himself, let alone earn a legitimate living.

Furthermore, he had little free time because he had spent the majority of his life in prison for theft and arson. For these reasons, he did not engage in LeBron’s childhood, abandoning his mother, Gloria, while she was expecting. Even though he did not play a role in his son LeBron’s upbringing, he remains grateful to him.

How many sons does Anthony McClelland have?

Anthony McClelland wife and sons

Did you know that LeBron James might have a stepbrother? Gloria often said that Lebron was her only kid. After Lebron was born, she had several lovers but never had children with any of them. But Aaron McClelland Gamble is the son of McClelland as in another relationship. Aaron (36 years old as of 2023) was born in Akron, Ohio, on May 31, 1987. Like LeBron, Anthony failed to care for Aaron and abandoned him and his mother. Aaron and LeBron look so similar that it is insane.

Is LeBron James’ father still alive? 

Given Anthony McClelland’s current situation, it is difficult to say whether he is alive. There should be more information about LeBron James never meeting him; thus, it is unclear whether he is the basketballer’s father. 

Relationship with his Mother

Anthony McClelland wife and son

Anthony McClelland’s friendship with LeBron James’ mother, Gloria, and Anthony were apparently in a casual relationship when she gave birth to their son, James LeBron. However, she was just sixteen, and Anthony was unsupportive, so she was forced to care for her son independently. 


The mystery of LeBron James’ biological father has inspired interest and discussion over the years. The investigation into Anthony McClelland’s identity has unearthed a complicated network of links and contradictions, particularly concerning Roland Bivens’ apparent alias. Despite different claims and contradicting information, it is unclear whether McClelland is LeBron’s father.

The story depicts a turbulent history filled with legal issues and poor familial ties. LeBron’s admission of his father’s absence highlights its enormous impact on his upbringing and success. However, solid information concerning McClelland’s current situation remains unknown, leaving the story cloaked in mystery and subject to interpretation.


What happened to LeBron’s father?

He was arrested in 2002 on charges of theft and arson. After that, he often entered and exited prison for petty charges. McClelland also reportedly impregnated another woman, who gave birth to LeBron’s half-brother, Aaron McClelland Gamble. McClelland also left the woman and his second son.

Will LeBron’s son make the NBA?

Bronny James Jr., the eldest son of Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James, has decided to enter the 2024 NBA Draft. In an Instagram post, James stated that he still intends to keep his collegiate eligibility while simultaneously completing the NCAA transfer portal after one year at the University of Southern California.

Why did LeBron become a billionaire?

James amassed his fortune through NBA revenues and judicious investments in real estate and businesses that have given him ownership shares in significant clubs such as the Fenway Sports Group, which owns the Boston Red Sox.

Who sponsors LeBron James?

James’ endorsements include AT&T, Beats, Crypto.com, GMC, and PepsiCo, while Curry represents Callaway, CarMax, Rakuten, and Subway. Their shoe contracts are the most important for both, as they are for most NBA players. James secured a lifetime contract with Nike in 2019 that pays more than $30 million annually.

What is LeBron’s salary?

LeBron James was the highest-paid player in the National Basketball Association (NBA) in the 2023/24 season, with a salary of 47.6 million US dollars and around 70 million US dollars in off-court revenue.

Does LeBron James own a mansion?

LeBron owns two properties in the Los Angeles area of Brentwood. One he purchased in 2017 for $24.5 million looks to be his primary property and is frequently highlighted on his Instagram.

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